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I am fond of the stories of these saints and how they became patrons of specific sports. Joseph of Cupertino was helping in a procession for St. Francis's feast day, when he heard a choir sing, upon which he rose up in the air and hovered above the crowd. He is patron saint of flight. The saints are there to watch over us as we practice and engage in our particular sport.

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#108 Madonna del Ghisallo	 - Cyclists
Patroness of Cyclists During the middle ages The Count of Ghisallo was being attacked by bandits...
#110 St. George - Martial And Military Arts
Patron Saint of Military and Martial Arts, England, Disease and Domestic Animals. Born in Palestine..
#33 St. Lydwina - Ice Skaters
Patroness of Skaters She was born in Scandinavia in 1380. She loved to skate. One day, while skatin..
#34 St. Bernard - Skiers & Mountaineers
Patron of Skiers, Mountain Climbers and Spelunkers. Bernard was an 11th century missionary who wa..
#35 San Sebastian - Athletes
Patron Saint of Athletes Sebastian was a Christian soldier who joined the Roman army in 283 AD as t..
#38A Joseph of Cupertino - Pilots & Learning Disablilities
Patron of Aviators, Aviation, Air Travel, Astronauts, People with Learning Disabilities, Special Nee..
#38B Joseph of Cupertino - Flight
Patron of Aviators, Aviation, Air Travel,  Astronauts, People with Learning Disabilities, Special Ne..
#43  Santiago - Veternarians, Horses & Arthritis
Patron of Veterinarians, Horsemen, Laborers, soldiers; Invoked against Arthritis and Rheumatism. Sa..
#83A San Pedro - Fishermen
(St. Peter the Apostle)  Patron of Fishermen. His name is from the Greek Petros, which means rock. ..
#90 St. Andrew - Golfers, Performers and Singers
Patron of Golfers, Scotland, Russia, Fishermen, Performers and Singers. Saint Andrew was a disciple..