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The Angels

The Angels

I have felt a strong push to look at the angels for the last couple of years. I have departed visually from the primitive nature of my retablos and have drawn and painted these angels in a more refined stylized manner. I have tried to honor them with jewel-like colors and my sense of beauty. Only three of the Archangels appear by name in todayʼs Bible. Many more Angels appear in ancient texts. The angels of light are here to help, guide and protect us, much like the saints.

Each image is available in five sizes:
Pockets (1.8 inches wide - $6.00)
Ornaments (2 1/2 inches wide - $15.00)
Small (3.5 inches wide - $16.00)
Medium (5 inches wide - $24.00)
Tall (7 inches wide - $32.00)

*2 smaller sizes are on 1/8 inch Baltic Birch
*3 larger sizes are on 1/4 inch Baltic Birch and hung with ribbon
*Heights vary

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#A1 Archangel Michael
One who is like God Archangel Michael defeated Lucifer and hurled the fallen angel into hell. He ap..
#A2 Archangel Gabriel
Patron of Childbirth, Communication, Postal Workers. Angel of Mercy, Truth, Inspiration, and Purific..
#A3 Archangel Rafael
The Shining One who Heals "Glorious Archangel Rafael, Angel of compassion, Angel of knowledge,And h..
#A4 Guardian Angel
Psalm 91  1: He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of ..
#A5 Angel of Peace
A Prayer for Peace "May all creatures, great and small,Know for a moment in this life, The sacred p..
#A6 Angel of Harmony & Music
"The gentle breeze blows, The leaves sing, andDappled sunlight dances. Children giggle,The cats tumb..
#A7 Archangel Uriel
Great Angel Uriel, Light of God, Guardian of the Earth and Humankind, thank you for bringing dow..
#A8 Angel Sophia
Angel Sophia, Holy Wisdom, Bride of Light, from your fire my spark of soul is lit.Illuminate my ..
#A9 Guardian of the Innocent
Angel Guardian of the Innocent, we call upon you from our hearts for the children and the creatu..
#A10 Abundance
Angels of Bounty and Abundance, the soft wind of your breath plays over the Earth and every vall..
#A11 Compassion
Great Angels of Compassion, hear my cry. Enfold me in your tender arms of light. In the eye of t..
#A12 Love
Angel of Love, did you send my beloved to me? No song but an angel's could sing this love. It's ..
#A13 Forgiveness
Angel of Forgiveness "I have harmed another and bring You my broken heart. Take my prayer to the Ho..
#A14 Friendship
Angel of Sacred Friendship "You have given me a friend who knows me as you do, and I know her, and ..
#A15 Home & Family
Angel Guardians of Home & Family "We call upon you to enter in. Come close and share in our work..